We offer outstanding support on any of our product.

We usually reply to any message within 24 hours of their reception.

I require technical support for Fusio...

I require technical support for Folda...

Our support applies until the natural end-of-life of any product we sell.

We take care of our clients. And we have been clients ourselves, which means we've dealt with technical support in the past, good or bad, and we know we like to get good support for something we paid for. This is why every product we create and sell are covered by an unlimited support via email* until the natural end-of-life of these products.

But what do we mean by the natural end-of-life? Well, it occurs when any or all of these conditions apply:

• One or many technologies required to make this product work no longer exists, and there is no viable replacement, or the efforts required to turn it back into a viable product is deemed too great by CapsaSoft Inc versus the gains.

• CapsaSoft Inc. is discontinuing the product for any reason. If another product replaces it, customers will be offered a reasonable upgrade path.

• The product is used to control another application from any third-party vendor and the vendor removes the support required to make our product work, and no viable alternative exists.

• The client stops using the product entirely for any reason. It is then the end-of-life for this product in this client's case.

• The product was an alpha or beta-level product and has been judged unfit for release by CapsaSoft Inc. and is therefore discontinued.

• The product was used by the client outside the application's functions.

• The product was modified in any way by the client or any entity except CapsaSoft, without prior written authorization from CapsaSoft Inc.

• For custom solutions, there might be other parameters that affect the natural end-of-life. They will be specified in written form whenever necessary.


Why do we do this? Simply because this is how we would like to be treated as customers.


* In the case of our automation or custom solutions, clients are also entitled to unlimited support via telephone, instant messaging, audio or video conference. We may also request time-limited access to the client's computer(s) via remote control software in order to aid in our continued support.

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