Process Automation and Custom Solutions

Whatever your needs are, we can help.

The main goal of process automation is of course to save precious time that can be spent on something else, thus being more productive. But beyond that, we think we can help push the boundaries of design in projects like catalogs and annual reports, where you can break the usual limits imposed by time and budget, or simply due to the complexity of doing advanced designs by hand.


Here are a few examples of what we can do:

• Automate the layout of pages in a project like a catalog.

• Automate the creation and looks of tables of any kind.

• Produce large quantities of business cards or similar projects.

• Perform a large number of actions on a great number of photos.

• Create highly-customized contact sheets.

• Development of GREP search queries in Adobe© InDesign™.

• Cleanup and format huge quantities of raw texts in Adobe© InDesign™, respecting your typographic standards in any language or any other custom requirements.

• And so much more...


Of course, all of our custom solutions are covered by our outstanding support.

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